DB Taiwan Flavor Series

Taipei Honey Lager / New Taipei Makao Beer / Taoyuan Bitter Orange Tea Ale / Miaoli Strawberry Ale / Yunlin Coffee Stout


Litchi / Apple / Strawberry / Peach / Pineapple

DB Barley Wine

Alc.18 % vol. Limited Edition

DB Classic Series

Lager / Weissbier / Dunkel / English Brown Ale / Bock /
IPA / Belgian Golden Ale / Hazy IPA / White Smoked Stout

Brand Introduction/



DB Brewery was found in 2005. Our Master Brewer is

among the few in Taiwan graduated and certified by

renowned brewing more than 20 years, academy in

Germany. With his expertise in beer brewing for

he managed to build a top brewing plant in Taiwan

and win championships in numbers of international

competitions. Since 2016, we have introduced series

of Taiwanese craft beers to reinforce the promotion

of “Made-in-Taiwan” agricultural goods, featuring

tasty, delightful beers made of iconic agricultural

products from each province.

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DB Craft Beer is the brand product of DB Brewery.

The word “DB” not only borrows the first letter of Mr. Deng’s surname and

Deutschland, but also signifies the professionalism under the “DR.”’s title.

The hexagon logo symbolises the 6 key elements in beer production.

Water / Fire / Air / Malt / Yeast / Fermentation


Full set of high standard brewing equipment originally imported from Germany

100% homemade, from malt grinding, glycolysis, fermentation, maturation and bottle filling

In strict compliance with the high quality manufacturing standards

Beer Box


Customized Brewing


Draft Beer